SkyLand Acres

SkyLand Acres is a small, family-owned Hobby-Farm.

We are NOT a business..!!!

We don't make a profit from offering shares of our critters, and every penny they bring goes back into giving them the best of care.  :)

We share our land and hearts with a small herd of sweet and social Goats, a happy flock of very sociable Chickens, some Geese, and a few laying Ducks.

We love our animals, and give them the very best care possible.  In turn, they bless us with rich, delicious milk, and eggs, which we happily share with others!

We offer very limited "Shares" of our dairy goats, and fresh eggs from our small flock of Chickens and Ducks!

We also try to have chicks, ducklings, and goslings available in the spring.

We also make Goat Milk Soap!  :)

Our Beloved Goats

We love our girls, and I mean, we really, REALLY love our girls!!!

They're like our furry family!

If you would like to meet them, please visit the "Our Goats" page to get to learn more about them!

Our Beautiful Birds

Each of our sweet birds has their own personality.  Some are friendly, others more reserved, and we love each and every single one of them!

But we have one darling hen, Sweet-Pea, who's unlike any other!

Our Herd Shares

The Sale of raw Milk is ILLEGAL in the state of Alaska.  But if you OWN an animal, or have a "share" in a herd, you can consume what your animal produces!  Hence, Goat Shares!

Go to our 'shares' page to find out WHY we offer shares!

Welcome !